Psoriasis is one of the most prevalent skin conditions in the world, disrupting every aspect of people’s daily lives: from sleep, clothing choices and exercise, to work and social life.1-4 Living with a condition visible on the skin, not only produces a physical burden, but takes a heavy toll on a person’s mental health and emotional wellbeing5 affecting 88% of people living with the disease.6 What is more, a quarter of people living with psoriatic disease exhibit signs of depression, and as many as 48% have anxiety disorders.5 Moreover, stigma and negative reactions from society can generate feelings of shame, embarrassment and isolation, which in turn influence mental health and social interactions.5

At Almirall, we are concerned about all these burdens affecting the emotional wellbeing of people living with psoriasis. We would like to continue “Shedding Light on Psoriasis”, raising awareness on the condition and the impact it has in people’s daily lives beyond the skin.

We invite you to join us in the 2022 World Psoriasis Day campaign, supported together with IFPA (International Federation of Psoriasis Associations). No one can do everything, but everyone can do something. Don’t miss the opportunity to spread this cause. One little action can create a huge impact for someone living with psoriasis. Join us speaking up!

Finally, we would like to give a special thanks to the medical community, not only for today, but for every single day supporting people living with psoriasis. Your constant dedication is key to improve their wellbeing.


World Psoriasis Day 2022 Campaign

Almirall is proud to sponsor, one more year the IFPA’s World Psoriasis Day 2022 campaign “United we tackle Mental Health and Mental Wellbeing”

In line with this united spirit, Almirall will continue raising awareness under the concept “Shedding Light on Psoriasis”, this time drawing the attention on depression, anxiety and stigma. These mental health disorders caused by psoriasis, are less likely to be addressed compared to physical symptoms and have a huge impact in people’s daily lives.

More information: IFPA | World Psoriasis Day


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Frida Dunger
Executive Director of IFPA

Karina Chávez

IFPA Ambassador

View her story

It was my secret. I did not share it because I thought that people wouldn't understand me and that they would judge me.

It is important not to let psoriasis limit us. There is hope finally, you can have a good quality of life, you can continue enjoying life.

Joel Nelson

IFPA Ambassador

View his story

Mental health impact is often not treated like psoriasis or a rash. Frequently, we focus on the problem or the symptom and not on the person behind this condition.

It's important that we all have heroes. For me was seeing somebody who had the confidence to talk about their struggles living with psoriasis. This is what encouraged me to talk about my experiences.


The artist: Beatriz Ramo

She is “Naranjalidad”, the artist who has captured Karina and Joel's journey from darkness to light.

Her wonderful work is characterized by the constant presence of the portrait, seasoned with nature atmospheres, many colors and light surreal touches. @naranjalidad